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About Us

Fertility Treatments Naturally

Pietermaritzburg Homeopathic and natural fertility clinic is the brainchild of Pietermaritzburg Homeopath Dr Bryan Long  a registered homeopath with a special interest in treating infertility . Having realised the need for  a more holistic treatment of infertility problems Dr Long  has helped many couples finding it difficult to concieve. Fertility problems are multifactoral meaning that   there are many underlying causes leading to fertility problems . These problems  may be but not limited to diet, lifestyle ,emotional ,underlying diseases and many other factors. Dr Long  through his treatment applies a holistic approach  to individual or  couples and aims to treat the root cause of infertility problems. Ideally Fertility  treatment involves the treatment of both the individuals to get the best results through fertility treatments. Dr Long also works with other healtcare providers and specialists enabling the best management and treatment for each individual case.  In many cases Dr Long has offered supportive treatment for his patients undergoing conventional medical treatments like In - Vitro fertilization and Artificial insemination.  The Clinic also offers Fertility testing though its network of pathology partners and various other heathcare providers.  Dr long also offers clients living away from the clinic treatment via email and whatts App video and has treted peole nationally and internationally  from as far as countries like Namibia , Botswana and Mozambique . 

Fertilihance Natural Fertility Treatment

The Fertilihance natural fertility treatment  Package is a combination treatment program designed for both Male and Female . The treatment consists of a 3 month program consisting of specific herbal , naturopathic and homeopathic medicines to help boost fertility. The program is adapted to each individual couple to ensure the best fertility treatmemt possible.

Individualised Natural Fertility treatments

All natural fertility treatment are adapted specifically for the individual or specific couple. Fertility  treatments are conducted via an extensive medical history of both individuals and the use of other diagnostic methods like lab testing and referral to an  Diagnostic Radiologist for ultrasound.