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types of fertility treatment

Why Natural fertility Treatment ?

Understanding natural fertility treatment

 Fertility problems have increased dramatically over the past few years. 
Many couples are finding it difficult to conceive. Research has shown that approximately one in six couples are finding it difficult to conceive and that almost a quarter of all pregnancies can end up in miscarriage.

It has been established that a variety of factors are responsible for infertility. However ,the most common cause of infertility is 'unexplained' meaning that thorough investigations carried out by doctors have found no specific or identifiable medical problem causing the problem in many patients.

The Natural treatment of infertility has been successful in that fertility is multi-factoral , meaning that there are many elements that could be contributing to the root cause of an individuals fertility problems.

During all forms of Natural Fertility  treatment all factors including the emotional ,mental ,physical and spiritual aspects of the individual patients are taken into consideration and treated appropriately.

Natural treatment for infertility provides safe treatment for informed patients. During the consultation a full medical case history and medical examination is performed. If necessary various other tests including laboratory blood tests will be performed. Treatment commences once each individual case has been evaluated. Follow up consultations are scheduled and are important to monitor the progress of treatments.

Please note that fertility treatments are best done as couple sessions with both partners present at the consultation if possible. In many cases it has proven benificial that both prospective parents are treated. Please feel free to contact me via email at should you have any further questions.